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Korrespondenzbanken, welche auf dem Zahlungsweg einzuschalten sind (Intermediaries), können im pain.001 (Element 2.71 IntrmyAgt1) angegeben und werden falls möglich berücksichtigt. Der Kunde ist verantwortlich für die korrekte Angabe der Korrespondenzbank Credit Suisse pain.001.001.03 SIX v 1.9 - Implementation Guidelines 3 1. Notes on Credit Suisse Message Implementation Guidelines The Credit Suisse Message Implementation Guidelines for Credit Transfers serves as manual for the technical and business implementation of Credit Transfers pain.001 message in accordance with the ISO 20022 Payments Standard and the Swiss Recommendations. All. SEPA Lastschriftdatei PAIN Format: File Header Kunde an Bank, SEPA Payment Instruction Information, IBAN, BIC, End to End Id, RmtInf, Ustrd, PmtInfId SEPA XML Format - SEPA PAIN.008 - SDD Struktur Bankkunde - Hettwer UnternehmensBeratung Gmb SWIFT 5th limited edition of the ISO 20022 for Dummies book. Written and offered by the SWIFT Standards Team, after reading this book, ISO 20022 won't have any secrets for you Examples per payment type - pain.001.001.03 Nordic countries Nordea version 1.7 Date Page 2018-10-01 2 of 58 Nordea Bank Abp, Satamaradankatu 5, FI-00020 NORDEA, Finland, domicile Helsinki, Business ID 2858394-9, VAT number FI2858394

Pain.008.001.02 ISO 20022. The Pain.008.001.02 as described in the ISO 20022 Standard - Payments_Maintenance_2009.pdf. Use the search feature above the table to find specific information. Back to the payment messages page 1.11 Proprietary <Prtry> +++++ Optional see usage rule above Data Type: Text Format: Max length: 35 1.11 Issuer <Issr> +++++ Optional Format: Max length: 35 Min length: 1 . PAIN.001.001.03 XML File Structure Version 1.2 Page 10 of 32 Usage Rules Mandatory Fields Optional Fields Payment Information (Batch) / Transaction Level Credit Transfer PAIN.001.001.03 XML File Structure Payments. 1.3 16.09.2013 2.88 <Prtry> Short message for creditor (Max. 18 char) is replaced by 2.99 <Ustrd> Unstructured advice for creditor (Max. 140 char) in Irish account transfer - External payment, Irish account transfer - Internal payment and Irish account transfer - EFT Pain.001 ist ein XML (=Extensible Markup Language)-basiertes Zahlungsformat im ISO 20022-Standard und ersetzt laufend, spätestens jedoch ab Mitte 2018, das bisher gängige DTA-Format. Durch die Einführung und Anwendung des ISO 20022-Standards soll eine Vereinheitlichung des nationalen und internationalen Zahlungsverkehrs erreicht werden Note: We advise customers to use character set ISO 8859-1 or ISO 8859-15 when the following options are true for a pain.001.001.03 file: • The file is protected with Danske Bank EDISec security (encrypted and/or signed) • The file contains certain special characters like the Scandinavian letters (æ, ø, å, ö, ä, Æ, Ø, Ö, Ä) The document includes information in the form of a table.

SEPA XML Nachrichtenformat SEPA PAIN

  1. OrgId/Othr/SchmeNm/Cd is marked as a conditional element by CGI. Cd is to be used when SchmeNm is given, which at the same time means SchmeNm/Prtry is not possible to be given
  2. pain.001 Customer Payment Status Report pain.002 Account Reporting camt.052 / camt.053 / camt.054 Customer Direct Debit pain.008 Customer Payment Status Report pain.002 Account Reporting camt.052 / camt.053 / camt.054 Interbank Clearing & Settlement 14 Common Global Implementation - Market Practice (CGI-MP) initiativ
  4. If both fields are present - then CdtTrfTxInf-level (2.36) takes precedence. However SALA and TAXS are recommended to be used at PmtInf-level

iso20022 PAIN 001 001 08 sample. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets pain.001.001.03 - EPC; 1.0 Message Overview Generated by GEFEG.FX Page: 2/87 Index XML Name ISO Name Cardinality Document 1 CstmrCdtTrfInitn Customer Credit Transfer Initiation V03 1..1 1.1 GrpHdr Group Header 1..1 1.1.1 MsgId Message Identification 1..1 1.1.2 CreDtTm Creation Date Time 1.. *The views expressed in the below reports are solely those of the authors and should not be attributed to the European Payments Council. Explore more about the overall payment statistics, global market visions, artificial intelligence (AI) and more in a selection of recent and free reports that we.. 6 Proprietary Max128Text < Prtry > [1..1] 7 Количество платежей Number Of Transactions Max15NumericText < NbOfTxs > [1..1] 8 Контрольная сумма Control Sum DecimalNumber < CtrlSum > [0..1] 9 Инициатор Initiating Party PartyIdentification43 < InitgPty > [1..1 ISO20022 pain.001.001.03 Customer Credit Transfer Initiation and Common Global Implementation (CGI) Credit Transfer Initiation recommendations. The files sent to Nordea must be in UTF-8 format, using only the characters included in ISO-8859-1. This MIG does not include any technical issues such as security, retransmissions, or duplicates. For more information about Payment types, please read.


Iso 20022 Iso2002

  1. ed by the European Payments Council and.
  2. mit Echtzeitüberweisungen (pain.001 mit und ohne Uhrzeitanga-be) inkl. dazugehörende(r) Payment Status Report(s) (pain.002) Spezifikation eines Regelwerks für einen Haben-Avis zu Echt- zeitüberweisungseingängen (camt.054) IBAN Only-Regel im Falle von Nicht-EWR/EU-Staaten (für alle 3 Zahlungsinstrumente SCT, SCTinst und SDD) Aktualisierung von Dokumentreferenzierungen 5 F / K.
  3. ISO 20022 Payments Guide Messages: Pain.001.001.03 Pain.002.001.03 15 January 202

in einem Format nach ISO 20022 (XML-Format); Ausgangsbasis: pain.001.001.05 923 990 001 11.16 1/4 Anlage 1 zu den Besonderen Bedingungen Sammelaufträge DV mit Zahlungsanweisungen zur Verrechnung (ZzV pain.001.001.03 ex es nk Message Item XML tag Swedbank's Comments Customer Credit Transfer Initiation <CstmrCdtTrfInitn> 1.0 [1..1] +GroupHeader <GrpHdr> 1.1 [1..1] ++MessageIdentification <MsgId> Unique Id created by initiating party. This Id will be stored for 90 days and will be used for duplicate control. Will be returned i and Customer Payment Status Report message- pain.001.001.03 sent by SEB in Host to host banking interface. This document is based on the Estonian implementation guidelines for Payment Initiation and it has been complemented with SEB specific rules and examples. If the originator of the message has stated message elements that are not represented in this document or not relevant to a specific.

CCC (pain.001.00x.0{2,3}) This handler processes container files with SEPA transfers in the following formats: SEPA-3.1 — pain.001.001.03 in container.nnn.001.02 (GBIC2) SEPA-3.0 — pain.001.001.03 in container.nnn.001.02 SEPA-2.7 — pain.001.003.03 in container.nnn.003.02 SEPA-2.5 — pain.001.002.03 in container.nnn.002.02 SEPA-2.4 — pain.001.002.02 in container.nnn.002 It enables the. Credit Transfer PAIN.001.001.03 XML File Structure 1. Document Overview 1.1. Background 1.2. Document Purpose 2. The Character Set 3. Fields Types 4. Usage Rules 5. Unused Optional Tags 6. Tag Depth Structure 7. File Format Table 8. Appendix 1,Document Overview This document details the file format that will be accepted by members of Romanian Banking Association for Credit Transfers in all. Hallo, seit ein paar Tagen versuchen wir erstmalig die Mitgliedsbeiträge einzuziehen. Jedes mal wenn wir die Datei bei unserer Sparkasse hochladen, kommt es zur Fehlermeldung: XML-Dokument nicht gültig ISO pain.008.001.02 files are validated according to the XML schema on ISO 20022 Payments messages. QuickStream performs additional validation to ensure your facility is able to send the payments in the file. pain.008.001.02 . The structure of a Payment Initiation pain.008.001.02 payment import file is: One block at the 'Group Level' One 'Message Identification' One 'Sum and Totals' One. PAIN.008.001.02 XML File Structure This document is published by Bank of Ireland, and both it, and its' contents, are the property of Bank of Ireland. This document may not be reproduced or further distributed, in whole or in part, without the express written permission of Bank of Ireland. Page 2 of 40 SEPA Direct Debit PAIN.008.001.02 XML File Structure - Contents 1. Document Overview 3 1.

Pain.008.001.02 ISO 20022 Paiemento

pain.001.001.09 /* UNREGISTERED USER OF CHECKER You have access to the following financial messages examples: SWIFT: MT101 ISO20022: pain.001.001.09 SEPA: pacs.008.001.02 (No editing is allowed in the code) If you want to EDIT, VALIDATE your own messages, access more types of messages(11), and TRANSLATE MT<>ISO20022 messages SIGN UP to the FREE TRIAL. To have access to every message(>450) and. pain.001 C2B Payment Id Remittance Id EndToEndId Payment clearing and settlement (in SEPA: pacs.008 FI2FI) Remittance Id EndToEndId Account reporting / camt.05x B2C Statement & Transaction Id Payment Id EndToEndId Account reporting / camt.05x B2C Statement & Transaction Id Remittance Id EndToEndId pain.002 C2B The above diagram shows the steps of the monetary transaction transmission process. ASSOCIACIÓ DE BANCS ANDORRANS SEPA Credit Transfer (pain 001.001.03) message formatting guidelines M = mandatory, O = optional, F = forbiden, D = dependent 1/4 Constitucio del document Índex ISO Caracteritza l'índex assignat a les dades d'acord amb la norma ISO UNIFI 20022. Múltiple Explica el caràcter obligatori (M) o opcional (O) del camp: Element de missatgeNom del camp amb la. * THIS PROJECT IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED* SEPA file generator in PHP - digitick/php-sepa-xm

pain.001 = Payments Initiation bexi

SEB ISO 20022 MIG for the messages camt., camt. and camt.054.001.02 / Version 5 1.2. General remarks J The camt.052, camt.053 and camt.054 can contain several accounts, one on each Report, Statement or Notification level. J at this moment SEB offers camt.052 only with balances. The transaction report will be. HSBC_pain.001.001.03_TARGETandInterna tionalPayments_Poland (Note Split Payments are valid from 01st July 2018) HSBC_pain.001.001.03_HighValuePayment_Europe This document describes a usage guideline restricting the base message pain.001.001.03.You can also consult this information online. Published by HSBC Direct Channels and generated by MyStandards. 27 April 2018. Table of Content Message.

SchmeNm in OrgId - XMLdation Wik

Správa pain.001.001.03 pozostáva z 2 základných blokov/elementov: ISO index Message Item Element XML tag Mult. 1 Prtry [0..1] M x35 e epovinné. Nesmi byť O _FNDS CHK 2.14 ++Category Purpose CtgyPurp [0..1] 2.14 +++Code Cd [0..1] Max4text Nepovinné. 2. 17 +Requ es tedExecu ion Date ReqdExctnD t [. ] Da Tim Povinné. á tum sí byťro vna ký pre še la . Nesmie byť spätný datum. ISO pain.001.001.003 files are validated according to the XML schema on ISO 20022 Payments messages. PaymentsPlus performs additional validation to ensure your facility is able to send the payments in the file. pain.001.001.003. The structure of a Payment Initiation pain.001.001.003 payment import file is: One block at the 'Group Level' One 'Message Identification' One 'Sum and Totals' One.

PmtTpInf : PaymentTypeInformation - XMLdation Wik

Pastebin.com is the number one paste tool since 2002. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time Message: CustomerCreditTransferInitiation <pain.001.001.02> Message Scope and Message Rules Scope The CustomerCreditTransferInitiation message is sent by the.

<Cd>808</Cd> <Issr>DK</Issr> </Prtry> </BkTxCd> <TxId>2018-06-20-</TxId> <Tp>FI-UMSATZ-ID</Tp> <Ref>2018-06-20-</Ref> </Prtry> PmtInfId des pain.001 Wird bei ESR-Eingängen nicht geliefert. Entspricht bei Zahlungsausgang der PmtInfId des pain.001 Bei ESR-Eingängen wird hier die BESR-ID abgefüllt <PmtInfId>932411</PmtInfId> 9 D Refs +Prtry ++Tp Bei ESR: <Refs> <Prtry> <Tp>01</Tp> <Ref>20170906103650000000004</Ref> </Prtry> </Refs> Bei ESR: Element wird nicht geliefer pain.008.001.02 - SIC; 1.0 Message Overview Issue date: June 2015 Print date: 29.06.2015 Generated by GEFEG.FX /Page: 2 101 Index XML Name ISO Name Cardinality Document 1 CstmrDrctDbtInitn Customer Direct Debit Initiation V02 1..1 1.1 GrpHdr Group Header 1..1 1.1.1 MsgId Message Identification 1..1 1.1.2 CreDtTm Creation Date Time 1..1 1.1.4. ferInitiationV07_pain.001.001.07 Corporate to Bank Messages Portfolio - Draft - January 31, 2017 This document describes a usage guideline restricting the base message MX pain.001.001.07. You can also consult this information online. Published by Payments Canada and generated by MyStandards. 30 January 201

SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) XML Generator. Contribute to w2c/sepa-sdd-xml-generator development by creating an account on GitHub 1.28 Or} Proprietary <Prtry> [1..1] Text 1.29 CategoryPurpose <CtgyPurp> [0..1] Code UNIFI (ISO 20022) - Payments Standards - Clearing and Settlement July 2006 Message: FIToFICustomerCreditTransfer <pacs.008.001.01> Page

iso20022 PAIN 001 001 08 sample · GitHu

pain.008.001.02 - EPC; 1.0 Message Overview Issue date: June 2015 Print date: 29.06.2015 Generated by GEFEG.FX /Page: 2 63 Index XML Name ISO Name Cardinality Document 1 CstmrDrc pain.002.001.03.ch.02 - SPS Version 1.1.1 . UBS Version 1.0 March 2018 . UBS Implementation Guidelines - Swiss Payment Standards for Payment Status Report for SEPA direct debit : 2 : Table of Contents : 1. Payment Status Report 3 1.1 Scope of application of this document 3 1.2 Flow of messages in accordance with Swiss Payment Standards 3 2. Technical specifications 4 2.1 UBS Implementation. Entdecken Sie Jälkeenpäin von Petri Laaksonen bei Amazon Music. Werbefrei streamen oder als CD und MP3 kaufen bei Amazon.de CAMT.054.001.02 ING Account, Balance and Transaction Reporting This document describes a usage guideline restricting the base message camt.054.001.02.You can also consult this information online. Published by ING and generated by MyStandards. 28 August 2018. Table of Content Message Functionality About this document Usage Guideline Appendix Legal Notices 2 3 5 6 31 57 ING Format Description. The following are some implementation specifics on the mapping between ACH and ISO pain.001: For other values, it is populated under CdtrAcct > Tp > Prtry. The PmtInf > DbtrAgt > FinInstnId > Nm is populated with both Immediate Destination Name and Immediate Destination. It contains a 23-character Immediate Destination Name field concatenated with 10-character Immediate Destination field.

pain swisse 201 TransferInitiation => pain.001.001.03 standard, described on ISO20022 SWIFT web pages. In order to inform Customers about status of their payments, mBank S.A. delivers ISO 20022 report messages, based on CustomerPaymentStatusReport => pain.002.001.03 standard, described in details also on ISO20022 SWIFT web pages. mBank S.A. offers pain.002.001.03 as : -confirmation about status, correct or. pain.001.001.02 3 pain.001.001.03 34 pain.001.001.06 60 Inhaltverzeichni pain.002 camt.05x NACHA Mapping Guide used to translate ISO format to NACHA file formatspain.001 *Note: Originator / Receiver & RDFI / ODFI reversed for debit ISO Messages: remt.00x, pain.007 pain.00

<Document xmlns=urn:iso:std:iso:20022:tech:xsd:pain.001.001.03> <CstmrCdtTrfInitn> <GrpHdr> <MsgId>COMMERCIAL BANKING ONLINE</MsgId> Field Name: Message Identification Category: New mandatory field Required format: Hardcode to 'COMMERCIAL BANKING ONLINE' Max characters: 24 Mandatory / Optional: Mandatory <CreDtTm>2016-04-20T00:00:00.000Z</CreDtTm> Field Name: Create Date & Time Category: New. - with pain.001.001.03, it is possible to send SEPA and non SEPA payments <Prtry>DO</Prtry> </LclInstrm> </PmtTpInf> 5.5 SEK Payments in Sweden. For SEK Payments, OCR - Reference text is mandatory. This reference should appear in TAG remittance info unstructured. It is important to p opulate ONLY with the OCR reference. Sample as follows: <RmtInf> <Ustrd>/OCR/ reference text</Ustrd.

Eine private Initiative zum Thema Online-Banking. [quote=Holger Fischer] Also deine Datei wird mir auch auf der von Dir zitierten Seite nicht als fehlerfrei beschrieben Schema HCT_ele_external.xsd schema location: attribute form default: element form default: qualified targetNamespace: urn:iso:std:iso:20022:tech:xsd:pain.001.001.0 Schema pain.002.001.03.ch.02 Implementation Guide Version 1.0 - 25.07.2016 Replaces old messages na Available through UBS electronic interfaces For clients of UBS Switzerland • UBS KeyPort 1.2 Flow of messages in accordance with Swiss Recommendations The message standard recommended by Swiss financial institutions, the Swiss Recommendations, is based on the ISO 20022 Payments Standard. The.

2.10.1 Use of FI To FI Payment Status Request (pacs.028.001.01)..76 3 LIST OF CHANGES IN CREDIT TRANSFER INTERBANK IMPLEMENTATION GUIDELINES - RELATIVE TO 2017 V1.0.. 85. SEPA Credit Transfer Interbank IGs 2017 Version 1.1 Approved Page 2 0 DOCUMENT I. The risk of a renal-related event or death was lower among patients who received belimumab than among those who received placebo (hazard ratio, 0.51; 95% CI, 0.34 to 0.77; P=0.001) Examples. Substitution of Tag <cod> for Tag <Prtry> in the example 9.05 of Appendix 9. Inclusion of a new Appendix about the use of XML (Appendix 10). Task-Force C2B 02.02 2016-01-16 Corrections to the pain.001 (p. 26 and 27) and pain.007 (p. 32, 34 and 42) related to the end-date (1 February 2016) of Regulation 260/201 o CustomerPaymentReversalV02 (pain.007.001.02) 4 2. GENERAL RULES AT IMPORT The import of cancellations/reversals is enabled in Hal E-Bank client from ver. 19 (in use from 1.2.2014). For importing cancelled/reversed SDD payment orders, documents must be compliant with the ISO 20022 scheme and also with the Hal E-Bank XML structure. If they do not comply with the ISO 20022 scheme, they will be.

pain.001.001.02 3 pain.001.001.03 32 pain.001.001.06 57 Tartalomjegyzé CAMT.052.001.02 BankToCustomerAccountReportV02 - Is used to report intraday transactions and/or balances. It can also include information about booked transactions and balances. The message is used in case report end-date is current day or report includes only partial transactions of ones account (i.e. is filtered for specific time). CAMT.053.001.02 BankToCustomerStatementV02 - Is used to.

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Study design: Randomized controlled trial. Objective: To assess changes in pain levels and physical functioning in response to standard medical care (SMC) versus SMC plus chiropractic manipulative therapy (CMT) for the treatment of low back pain (LBP) among 18 to 35-year-old active-duty military personnel. Summary of background data: LBP is common, costly, and a significant cause of long-term. Nous vous proposons ici une technique simple de pétrissage manuel constituée de trois étapes : - la première étape est le frasage, qui a pour but de lier les.. Mapping documentation generated by Affinis. Contact info@affinis.co.uk, https://affinis.co.uk Affinis XSLT2 SOURCE / TARGET MAPPING SPECIFICATION IMPORTANT: This transformati

OAGIS® 10 Prtry - Complete documentation and sample

Nordea Corporate Payment Service Payments from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, example appendix (pain.001.001.02) March 2018 Page 4 <BkPtyId>87654321</BkPtyId> The handler CCC (pain.001.00x.0{2,3}) is able to make a validation as specified by the Deutsche Bundesbank (Specificaton in German there -English translation not available). The hashvalue is the hash of a single file in the container. If a SRZ (Service Rechenzentrum, service data center) uploads files, the hash is mandatory for them: <MsgPain001> <HashValue. The purpose of this document is to provide guidance about camt.053.001.02 and camt.054.001.02 structure, sent by SEB. CAMT.053.001.02 BankToCustomerStatementV02 is used when statement end-date is in the past and it is used to report booked transactions and balances

The primary endpoint was the sensation of pain measured by pain scores and the need of analgesics after 1 year of surgery. Results: The type and size of inguinal hernias were similar in the 3 study groups. The duration of operation was 34 ± 13, 32 ± 9, and 38 ± 9 minutes in the glue, self-gripping, and suture groups, respectively (P < 0.001. In another randomized comparative trial of oral risedronate sodium 30 mg daily for 2 months and oral etidronate 400 mg daily for 6 months, 110 risedronate sodium normalized total ALP in 73% of subjects at 6 months compared with 15% with etidronate (p < 0.001). In this study, pain scores (assessed by SF36) at 6 months reduced by about 3 points. The introductory chapter describes the general construct of behavioral addictions and the importance of including them in the DSM-5, which is the primary psychiatric diagnostic classification system in the United States. It details the DSM-5 process and rationale for aligning behavioral addictions with substance use disorders. It also outlines the primary behavioral addictions: gambling. Mapping documentation generated by Affinis. Contact info@affinis.co.uk, https://affinis.co.uk Affinis PAIN.001.001.03 to PAIN.001.001.09 XSLT2 SOURCE / TARGET MAPPING. Petri M, Greenspoon JA, Horan MP, Martetschläger F 2015 Jun;24(6):902-7. Epub 2014 Dec 3 doi: 10.1016/j.jse.2014.10.001. PMID: 25487906. Surgical treatment of subacute and chronic valgus instability in multiligament-injured knees with superficial medial collateral ligament reconstruction using Achilles allografts: a quantitative analysis with a minimum 2-year follow-up. Liu X, Feng H.

Posted by Tomás Pereira Cruz, Jun 19, 2015 3:00 A The Difference Between a camt.052, camt.053 and camt.054 - SEPA Payments news and views helping corporates navigate payments technology and industry payment trends Explore releases from Wind Of Pain at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Wind Of Pain at the Discogs Marketplace Jan Niklas Petry-Schmelzer, Max Krause, Till A Dembek, Andreas Horn gastrointestinal, urinary, sexual function, and miscellaneous symptoms including unexplained pain, olfaction, weight changes, and excessive sweating) over the last four weeks (Chaudhuri et al., 2007); and (b) The patient-based Non-motor Symptoms Questionnaire (NMSQ) (Chaudhuri et al., 2006). Quality of life was assessed.

Swedbank Sweden's MIG Credit Transfer and Payment Status

<Prtry> Hard-coded value of SEPA. UltimateCreditor <UltmtCdtr> Hard-coded tag. Name <Nm> The system takes the name of the company that ultimately collects the debits from F0111. MLNM: Identification <Id> Hard-coded tag. OrganizationIdentification <OrgId> Hard-coded tag. Other <Othr> Hard-coded tag. Identification <Id> Tax ID number from F0101.TAX: DebtorAgent <DbtrAgt> Based on the value in. Background The effects of estrogen-containing contraceptives on disease activity in women with systemic lupus erythematosus have not been determined. Methods We conducted a single-blind clinical tr.. Also, the symptoms of SAM significantly improved in the active group (p < 0.001): the intensity of muscle pain decreased from 6.7 ± 1.72 to 3.2 ± 2.1 (p < 0.01, -53.4 ± 28.2%); muscle weakness decreased from 7.0 ± 1.63 to 2.8 ± 2.34 (p < 0.01, -60 ± 24.0%); muscle cramps decreased from 5.33 ± 2.06 to 1.86 ± 2.42, p < 0.01, -65 ± 28%); tiredness decreased from the initial 6.7 ± 1.34. Psychosocial factors, such as anxiety, stress, depression, coping strategies, and catastrophizing, may influence the onset of pain, as well as precipitate or prolong the TMD pain [5,6,7,8]. The International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) reported that TMD-related facial pain occurs in 9-13% of the general population, while only 4-7% seek treatment. The TMD-related pain may also. Your leading partner in the fields of biotechnology, diagnostics, medical devices, in vitro diagnostics and in the world of research

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